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2016 ~ current
Peptide therapeutics pipeline establishment and jumping up for
new era of therapy
Sales contract of peptide fusion bone graft Global Technology license out of Peptide platform technology Completion of GLP tox study of osteoporosis treatment Established peptide manufacturing facility R&D collaboration of oncology with French biotech Global distribution contract with dental company (Straumann, Nobel Biocare) Osteoporotic therapeutics enters phase I study in Korea R&D agreement with global Biotech Completion of GLP tox for anti-fibrosis, IBD treatment R&D collaboration with Daiichi Sankyo for gene delivery Drug CGMP approval ‘Anti-fibrosis(NP-201)’ enters phase I study in Australia
Peptide therapeutics pipeline establishment
Expansion of GMP facility to JINCHEON Complex Bone graft CE certified and start Export TOPsovery establishment Completion of peptide base product clinical trial KRX registration 2011.7.13 OCS-H(Equimatrix)export to Europe & USA KFDA approval of peptide loaded bone
Cash Cow business and
core technology development
PEPscovery establishment Specialized Peptide bank established Application into stem cell research Patent filing and registration Bone graft, teethwhitening agent Desensitizer sales started Ministry of Health and welfare award
Intellectual Biomedical Engineering Center(IBEC) at Seoul National University supported from Korean
Established as NIBEC by the mission of IBEC Core technology commercialization Venture approval Approval of medical device manufacturer (KFDA)