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중앙연구소 조직도

NIBEC research institute,
as the central pillar of the companys vision for the future, is engaged in
R&D on market-oriented new products, new drugs targeting the future market,
and healthcare/medical products aimed at the global market.

One of the key elements of R&D strategy is market-oriented product development that continues to strive to maximize profits
by developing excellent new products. To this end, new products are developed systematically using unique peptides,
tissue engineered products, and drug delivery systems.
With a rich R&D network that includes clinical fields, the research institute gives an
impetus to its R&D on new drugs. As for the bone regenerative and pharmaceutical sectors aiming at the global market,
products have been exported to overseas following the completion of cGMP-compliant exclusive production facilities and
FDA approval of the facilities and production processes.

The research institute has built up a world-class R&D infrastructure through expanding research space, increasing investment,
and strengthening research networks. It will proceed to become the research hub, both in the domestic and global markets.

NIBEC continually invests a significant portion of its revenue into R&D, the growth engine for the future.
By creating a vibrant and energetic research environment where the researchers and their associates can achieve their full potential,
NIBEC endeavors to become a global pharmaceutical company that improves the quality of human life.