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1 Overview of TOPscovery

PEPscovery is therapeutic peptide discovery technology by control disease inducing biomarker Established 420 bioactive peptide candidates by library tech and efficacy screening

질환 타겟 결합 펩타이드 발굴 연구이미지

TOPscovery is a development of drug delivery system or various formulation technology for peptide candidate

2 Strength of TOPscovery

  • High targeting activity for specific biomarker or target
  • Tissue or cell penetration after targeting
  • High therapeutic effect and low side effect (Ex. anti-cancer therapy)

3 Peptide carrier for internalization of protein or antibody

  • 11-17mer peptides
  • Platform for any kind of macromolecular drug (protein, antibody, polymers)
  • Platform with either 1) Site-selective chemical conjugation with peptide or
  • 2) Recombinant production (plasmid cassette coding cell penetrating peptide)
  • Conjugate with protein for the therapeutic purpose (cancer, immune related disease)
  • Cell penetration efficacy
  • Suppression of tumor growth in colon cancer xenograft mouse model
  • Combination therapy with anti-cancer therapeutics (anti-PD1 antibody, kinase internalization)
  • Current status: preclinical study

Peptide carrier for the internalization of protein or antibody by site-specific sequence modification

4 Conclusion

Development of Peptide Therapeutics for Human Health Care